Stop for a moment and consider all the good things which you too often take for granted — your health, your family, the air you breathe, the water you drink, your home, your community, the magnificent universe around you, your faith, your friends, your job, the knowledge you possess, your skills, and so much more.

You and I are really blessed. We are filled with possibilities. Yet what good are our blessings if we’re not making the most of them?  Of what value are our possibilities if we do not make the effort to fulfill them?   Remember, the more we are blessed with, the more we’re able to make a difference.

Think of the good things you have going for you.  There may be many or there may be few.  What matters most, is that you and I have the opportunity to bless or serve others well.  That’s where the “thanks” comes from.  It comes from the “giving”.   It comes from gratitude and appreciation. When you truly appreciate your blessings and what you have been given, not only will you be thankful but you will want to give more.   

Gratitude and thankfulness are more than just words or thoughts. To truly appreciate the good things in your life, you must take the actions necessary to nurture, defend and share them.

You’re blessed with a great starting point.  Let your many blessings compel you to keep……MOVING FORWARD!