Linked up! (The Law of Connection)

“Leaders touch a heart before they ask for a hand.” – John Maxwell

The stronger the relationship, the more effectively the leader can persuade people to help. Connect with people at an individual level. Each person on your team has their own needs, wants, and desires. When you understand what individuals need and you strive to fulfill those needs, you improve the ability to reach your goals and the stronger your leadership becomes.

Below are some tips to improve your ability to connect with people.

  1. Connect with yourself – Understand yourself and develop confidence in your skills, knowledge, and ability to share those with other people.
  2. Communicate openly and sincerely – People sense quickly the level of your sincerity. Good leaders connect with others through openness, honesty, and sincerity.
  3. Live your message – Perhaps the most important. “Practice what you preach or preach what you practice.” You build credibility when your actions match your words, refer to The Law of Solid Ground (March 20, 2017).
  4. Focus on your Team Members not on yourself – This is a major issue with inexperienced or ineffective leaders. When you focus on your Team Members, rather than yourself, your connections develop much faster. Remember: “It’s not about you; it’s about your people.”  If you can get this message across then everyone on the team will realize that “It’s not about me, it’s about the guest.”
  5. Offer your Team Members direction and hope – People expect leaders to provide the guidance necessary to reach objectives. Good leaders provide that guidance but also provide a sense of hope for the future.

Positional leaders often struggle with the law of connection (The Law of Influence- February 20, 2017). Due to their position, they often mistakenly believe that their employees should initiate the connection. Successful leaders initiate the connection and expend the effort needed to build solid relationships. Remember that the greater the challenge, the greater the need for strong relationships.

H5H Action Steps:

  • Measure your level of self-awareness:  Answer the following questions:
    • How would I describe my personality?
    • What is my greatest character strength?
    • What is my greatest character weakness?
    • What is my greatest asset?
    • What is my biggest opportunity?

Now go ask three people who know you well to answer the same questions about you.  Compare the answers.  If their answers are significantly different from yours, then you have a blind spot you need to rectify.  It can change your ability to connect.

“The stronger the relationship and connection between individuals, the more likely the follower will want to help the leader.” – John Maxwell

Lead The Way!