I agree with that! (The Law of Buy-in)

“People Buy into the Leader, then the Vision” – John Maxwell

Buying-in may refer to: In management and decision making, buy-in (as a verb or noun) signifies the commitment of interested or affected parties, often called stakeholders to ‘buy in’ to the decision.  That is, to agree to give it support, often by having been involved in its formulation.

Commitment is trust.  We must trust and be trusted, or there is no true commitment.

Commitment is action.  It goes far beyond words or good intentions.  We must act to fulfill our commitments.  Commitment is more than a promise.  It is a promise fulfilled.

Commitment is attention.  We must continually attend to our commitments, or they soon lose their value.

Commitment is persistent.  It does not wither at the first sign of trouble.  In fact, it grows stronger with every challenge.  Commitment is faith, and commitment is faithful.

Commitment is truth.  Commitment is caring.  Commitment is responsible.  Commitment is intentional.  Commitment is capable.

Commitment is power.  When you are committed, things get done.  Results are achieved.  Commitment turns intentions into reality.

Commitment is worth it.  At times, it is painful. It demands effort and sacrifice. It is inconvenient and uncomfortable. Commitment will bring out the best in you and will take you to places, where otherwise, you would never go. Consider carefully before committing yourself. Then once you’ve made the commitment, give it everything you have. There are incredible rewards to be found in your well placed commitments.

Commitment creates buy-in.

As a leader, you are seeking “buy-in” from your team members every day.

  • The H5H Culture, Serve others well, Take responsibility, Attitude is everything, Results matter, Sell more.
  • Providing extraordinary hospitality
  • Following our recipes
  • Always exercising our “BEST practices”
  • Creating a safe and friendly work environment

The list goes on and on.  The reality is that your success is measured by your commitment to your team to earn their “buy-in” and trust and your ability to actually take your team from where they are to where they need to go.  You must share your vision for the success of your business.  Success can only be accomplished if your team members “buy-in” to you as a leader.

“People want to go along with people they get along with.”

“Buy-in”, from our military men and women, has helped us protect the freedoms that we enjoy in America.  When you see one of them this week, as we prepare to honor the fallen on Memorial Day next Monday, thank them for their service and their “buy-in” that keeps America safe and helps make it the greatest nation on earth.

H5H Action Steps:

  • What is the vision you have for your restaurant and your career path?
  • Is that vision worthy of your time and effort?
  • What is the level of “buy-in” from your team? Who will help you get there?
  • Start working on accomplishing your goals.

Lead The Way!