Rollin, Rollin, Rollin (The Law of Big Mo)

“MomentuM is a LEADER’S best friend” – John Maxwell 

When we look at our problems, our predicaments, our sales projections or the challenges of our shift, it can seem quite impossible to even budge them, much less make a significant impact. Often, momentum matters more than strength, and persistence more than initial impact. The power of momentum is incredible.

Imagine if you hung a bowling ball from the ceiling.  Is it possible to make the bowling ball swing by using a ping pong ball?  The bowling ball weighs 8 pounds, the ping pong ball roughly 0.006 pounds – a weight difference of over 1,333 times. Just as the laws of physics dictate that everything has momentum, everything that we do builds momentum. The question is whether or not the decisions that we make build momentum in the direction that we wish to go.

1) MomentuM is the Great Exaggerator – Look at sports. You put two teams on the court with very similar skills and assets. The team that usually wins is the team that was able to gain momentum and keep it. (unless you have LeBron, then you just disrupt a 15-game playoff winning streak.)

2) MomentuM makes Leaders Look Better than they Are – When momentum is on your side, people think you’re a genius. They look past your shortcomings. They forget about mistakes.  People like associating themselves with winners.  If you are on the ice in your home arena, you better win.  Otherwise, momentum will provide you back to back championships.

3) MomentuM helps Followers Perform better than they Are – Even the bench warmer gets to put his name on the Stanley cup if his team wins. Even the DNP (coaches choice) gets a ring.  When you are striving for great, everyone around you improves.

4) MomentuM is easier to Steer than to Start – Have you ever tried water skiing? It’s impossible to do anything in the water when the boat isn’t moving. But, as soon as the boat starts moving and you are up on the water, you can learn to do anything you want. (I’ve never been on water skis…but that’s what I heard)

5) MomentuM is the most Powerful Change Agent – Given enough momentum, nearly any kind of change is possible. People love to jump on the bandwagon. (Let’s make hospitality, service and positive results popular)

What can you do better today than you did yesterday? Whatever you focus on improving, will improve. When you focus on building something, it will increase.  When you are driven towards an outcome, it happens.  What gets talked about gets done.

What can you do, what can you learn, who can you talk to, what can you create, what problem can you solve, what new perspective can you gain today? Every moment is an opportunity to move forward.

Momentum only has two directions…forward or backward – Pancakeism

Every decision we make today will gain momentum.  It will either be productive, positive and game changing or it can go a completely different direction and still be game changing.  We are in charge of our results.  We create the momentum.  Our decisions determine our success or failure.  We can do nothing, punch the time clock, and see what happens….or…. we can dare to take control and gain momentum and move forward.

If you are not constantly growing, you’re losing ground. Standing still is not an option. Teach a skill.  Model an attitude.  Impart a value.  Make a difference in the life and productivity of every team member you interact with today.  Your influence and effectiveness grow as you make the commitment to improve your circumstances and raise your standards.

Momentum truly is a leader’s best friend. If you can create it, you can do almost anything. That’s the power of the Big Mo.

H5H Action Step:

  • Take responsibility for the momentum in your restaurant
  • Model the attitude and work ethic that you want to see in others.
  • Make it a regular practice to honor the people that “move the ball (or puck) forward”

Lead The Way!