MVTM (by: Josh Ricks)

My story started before I even knew what I was getting myself into.

My name is Josh Ricks and I just celebrated 5 years with High 5 Hospitality.  A little back story for those who aren’t familiar.  I lived in Bear,DE and worked at Lone Star on Rt. 13, back in 2011.  I met John Lorenz the first day I walked in to fill out an application. We sat and talked for what seems like forever.  We connected through ties to Rehoboth beach (hint hint) and Sussex County in general.  Needless to say, I walked out employed.  I quickly took in the energy John had flowing through his store.  I became a bartender, a trainer, one of the leaders.  Not too long after, John accepted a position with High 5 Hospitality to start something pretty amazing.  I knew what John was brewing up and applied to BDubs #3374 in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.  We had two weeks to train hard and get ready for an incredible grand opening!

I met Bobby Pancake around the last week in July of 2012 during our orientation.  Inspired was I!  Inspired sounds minuscule to the way I felt after that orientation.  The way Bobby presented himself, his life, his story, his passion, was enough to make a grown man cry.  That day I knew I wanted to go far!  I was presented with a pamphlet that showed the ladder of success. Team Member>WCT>Shift Leader>Manager>Assistant GM>GM>MU>and so on.  This was like a golden bible to my eyes. I was young, hungry and driven.  As soon as we opened up I quickly took to leadership.  Although I was new myself, I coached everyone around me.  Driving them to success.  Rehoboth had the highest numbers in the company for opening week and we loved our title!  And then Salisbury came around. Love you guys!

I saw John and Mark Ford sitting at 246 one day about a couple months after we opened and I walked up and said “I want to be a WCT”.  I had nothing but goals on my mind.   From there the real story starts.  I went through the rest of the year pumped and ready to take on new challenges.  We started the year off with awarding the first quarters MVTM.  I was honored to accept that award. Throughout the rest of the year I was promoted to Shift Leader and awarded the MVTM of the year!  In February 2014, I got to attend my first Annual Luncheon. I was so excited to be amidst all the great leaders.  I felt like I was in the White House or something. Little ol’ me sitting hear with a bunch of inspirational leaders.

Little did I know I would be receiving the MVTM of High 5 Hospitality award!  I couldn’t have felt more complete!  I felt everything coming together like the totality of a solar eclipse.  I felt the need to represent that award proudly.  I wanted to be known for my ability to achieve goals.  Being considered valuable not only sounds pleasing to the ears but gives an underlying sense of fulfillment.  If I could leave everyone with one last thing.  I’d say go into this last stretch of the year with a goal in your mind.  If that be to finish the last quarter with better results than any other quarter, then so be it.  Let it be a goal for great achievement.
“Shoot for the STARS”

With love,

Josh Ricks.