If nothing changes, nothing changes – Pancakeism

The smallest changes can make the biggest difference.  Because the smallest changes are the ones you can repeat over and over again.

The biggest problems will almost always yield to the smallest changes.  Yet, we ignore making the change.  We get overwhelmed by the problem.  We’re intimidated by the effort it may take.  We make excuses.  We just go through the motions.  Change freaks us out.  We hold on to things we know should change because it’s “the way we’ve always done it”.  If you want different results….you gotta do different things.

When you seek a big result, start with the small changes. They are the ones that you can rely on the most.

Small changes are easy to implement, and just as easy to abandon.  So when you make a small change, you must also make a big commitment (we’ll save that for the message on December 11th).

You cannot get improved results by continuing to do exactly what you’ve been doing.  While it may be comfortable, it’s easy to get stuck where you are because all you have to do is do nothing.  But, is that what you really want for your team, your business, your career or your life?

To improve your team/business/career/life, upgrade your attitude, your expectations and your actions.  In order for things to be better, they must be different.  If you want to make improvements, you must make changes.

There is some small change you can make today that can make your team/business/career/life significantly better a month from now.  Make it, and most importantly, stick with it.  Stick with it by constantly reminding yourself why.  Stick with it by staying focused on your purpose.  Stick with it for twelve months and be blown away by the big results.

  • Are the sales levels in your restaurant where you expect them to be? Change it!  Set daily goals. Have sales contest.  Teach servers/bartenders/cashiers how to sell instead of taking orders. Print the list of who made the highest percentage of tips and share with the team (Tips = Sales).  Hold to a $20 rule at the end of the day (if you don’t know what that is, well, you should ask your MUM)
  • Is the hospitality provided by your team the best in your town? Change it!  Practice positive responses with your team.  Hold doors open for guests.  Demonstrate positive body language.  Put your best team members in the places where they shine.  SMILE!
  • Is your food cost variance in line? Change it! Talk with your team about the cost of every item.  Follow recipes.  Use measuring devices. Eliminate waste/theft.  Sell more of what you have!
  • What area in your restaurant is the cleanest? If it’s not the restroom, Change it!  You are already a step behind in this business.  Take pride in the sanitation of your restrooms.  Make them #1!  Clean/organize your managers office (That’s how your team knows your standard).  Wipe fingerprints off entry doors.  Pick up litter off your parking lot.  Pre-bus tables.
  • Do you spend your entire shift coaching? Change it!  Teach someone something new every shift, every day.  Catch people doing things right and make a big deal out of it.  Don’t walk past something that needs to be corrected.  Hold your team to the standard, don’t lower the H5H standard.  Lead by example.  Remember that you are a coach, a mentor, a manager, a leader.

Most progress is not made in big, highly consequential leaps.  Achievement most often comes from taking one small positive step, then another and another.

Lead The Way!