There’s a simple thing you can do that will dramatically improve the results of your actions.  Consider their consequences.

  • Choosing a positive attitude has consequences.
  • World views have consequences. What is happening in North Korea is the result of three generations of dictatorship.  Unfortunately, this means that the deadliest of world views will have the deadliest of consequences.
  • There are consequences to consider before choosing to smoke.
  • Elections have consequences. We lived this during the previous presidential administration and we are watching it play out now.  Whether it be creating sanctuary cities where barbarous people can come to in America to find refuge or commit crimes or forcing healthcare on millions that need it or don’t want it.  Maybe it’s changing the definition of marriage or building a wall, literally or figuratively, by dividing a nation based on race or religious beliefs.  Even trying to make America great has consequences.  But our actions of continually voting one party or electing the same people over and over again and expecting different results have consequences.
  • Doing drugs has consequences.
  • Taking explicit photos of yourself, sending inappropriate text messages or even saying some off-color things in the workplace have consequences. We’ve witnessed this recently in Hollywood, the media and among our elected officials.  Don’t be foolish enough to think it can’t happen to you. (see Luke 8:17 or MMM from 04/03/17)
  • Putting your trust in Jesus Christ as your hope for eternal life has consequences.
  • Allowing players to protest during the national anthem has consequences. Viewership is down significantly. Advertisers are pulling their sponsorships.  Stadiums have 15-20 percent of their seats empty and staff for taking tickets and security has been reduced.  NFL apparel purchases are at an all time low.  Easy to find a parking spot for tailgating.
  • Giving has consequences.
  • Our decision to hire, keep or terminate a team member has consequences. It’s not enough to interview, hire, sign off on a training checklist (notice I didn’t say train, because we should never stop evaluating/educating our team).  The entire team must perform at a high level in order to achieve extraordinary results.  Everything rises and falls on leadership.  As a leader, you can’t take a day off from inspiring, setting goals for, observing and improving your team.  You can’t walk past an opportunity to influence a positive outcome on a guest experience.  There are consequences.  Just walk into the kitchen or dining room of your restaurant and view the consequences of your previous actions.

Every action has consequences. Actions and their consequences are inexorably linked.  Once the action is taken, the process has been set in motion and the consequences from that action are inevitable. So, it is vital to consider the consequences beforehand, and to act with an eye toward the eventual outcome of each action.  In reality, we should never be surprised by the consequence of a decision or an action.

Consequences are superb teachers.  Their lessons touch you profoundly and stay with you for life.  Always keep in mind that consequences follow actions just as surely as night follows day. You cannot break that link.  Remember that the consequence you desire may be packaged with others which are not so desirable.

Everything we do is going to produce some specific consequence.  Even the thoughts we think have their consequences (see Proverbs 23:7).  All those consequences are in the future.  Yet all too often we base our thoughts and actions primarily on what has happened in the past.  Does that really make sense?

Our thoughts and actions will have no effect whatsoever on the past.  Their consequences will be in the future.  When we act, we must view the future, not the past.  We cannot change the past, and we can only impact the future. The question is, what’s that future going to look like?

That depends on how carefully you consider the future consequences of your actions.  You have the power to choose the very best of those consequences by the way you think and act right now.

What you do, matters.  The words you speak, the things you feel, the thoughts you hold, and the actions you take all have an influence on the quality of your life.  Time will magnify whatever you do.  So, even in the smallest matters, do what is right.

Your future consequences are being born right now. This is your chance to……

Lead The Way!