Commitment is more than just saying you will. Commitment is more than just good intentions. Commitment is more than just a once-in-a-while process. It is a continuing, moment-by-moment undertaking. It is more than trying. Commitment is more than doing just what is convenient or comfortable. Commitment is more than just wishing for the right conditions.  Commitment is more than words, much more than just saying you will.

Commitment is doing whatever is necessary, for as long as necessary, to get the job done.  Commitment is doing whatever it takes to make it happen.

Commitment means acting, not just when it is convenient or comfortable, but whenever it is necessary. Commitment means setting priorities and following them without fail.

Commitment is available to anyone who understands and appreciates it’s value enough to live with it in each and every moment. Commitment requires no special skill, only sufficient desire and faith in the virtue of the endeavor.

Commitment goes ahead and gets the job done, even though opinion and circumstances may fight vigorously against it. Commitment sees things through to completion.

Commitment bears the pains of the moment without becoming dismayed. Commitment enjoys the pleasures of the journey without becoming sidetracked.

Commitment can be summoned in an instant and can last for a lifetime. With true commitment, what you intend is surely what you will be.

Commitment doesn’t bail out at the first sign of trouble. Commitment stays on course, moving steadily through good times and bad, through the mud and the muck.  Commitment doesn’t make excuses or look for the easy way out. It finds a way through or over every obstacle. Commitment doesn’t wait for someone else to take up the slack.  Commitment is making the sacrifices and tradeoffs that are required to uphold it.  Commitment is working with what you have. Commitment makes things happen whatever the circumstance.

Are you committed to driving sales in your restaurant? Are you committed to hospitality? Are you committed to training?  Are you committed to improving results?  Are you committed to living above the fray?