Sometimes people confuse confidence with arrogance.

Confidence is evidenced by patience.  Confidence is not loud.  It is quiet, calmly persistent and effective. Confidence is not boastful.  Rather, confidence is capable.

Confidence does not change course with every shift in the wind.  Confidence adjusts to the changes in order to remain on a sure and steady course. Confidence has the strength to be kind and the courage to be truthful.

Confidence is genuine and lives deep within you.  Confidence is irrefutable evidence of a strong and solid foundation.  It’s something that is built and maintained, not something that can be put on and taken off like a jacket.

Confidence enables you to explore new ideas, to challenge the status quo, and to create real value in challenging situations.  Confidence gives you the ability to seek and to follow the truth, even when that truth is unpopular or uncomfortable.  With confidence on your side, you can persist through all kinds of challenging situations.

So how do you get confidence?  Confidence is not something that you acquire by seeking it directly. Rather, confidence accrues to you as the result of your actions and experiences over time.

Confidence comes from knowing that what you’re doing is right and that what you’re doing is right for you and those around you.  It is built by taking risks and seeking challenges. It is strengthened through experience, perseverance and commitment.

Success brings confidence.  What’s not so obvious is that failure can build confidence, too.  Confidence comes from taking action.  To build confidence, you must go beyond your own comfort zone into places where you’re not quite as sure of yourself.  If you lack confidence, then do something about it — literally. Do something. Take action.

Walk confidently. Put a confident look on your face. Talk confidently. Breathe confidently. Confidently look people in the eyes when you talk with them. Stand confidently. Simply acting with confidence won’t create confidence, but it will bring your authentic existing confidence to the surface.

Make the choice.  Take the chance.  Feel the contentment.  Decide to change. Understand the consequences.  Undertake the commitment.

It’s going to take effort.  It will take time. It will require discipline and focus. It will demand consistency.  But by building your confidence you will be better prepared to……

Lead The Way!