My Story ~ by Rob Ford

“In West Philadelphia, born and raised, in the playground is where I spent most of my days.”  Will Smith was not the only native of West Philadelphia!  I was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and raised in a single parent home with my mother Marcia and sister Victoria.  I was taught at a young age that nothing in life will be given to you.  If you want to be successful, you will need to work hard to achieve it.  My mother was a positive example of this daily.  She taught me about responsibility and family at a very tender age.  I met my wife at the age of 11 and married her 15 years later.  We have 3 beautiful daughters, Shanae 26, Monet 17, and Robyn 12.  We migrated to Middletown, Delaware in 2005.

I am a huge sports fan.  The 49ers and the New York Knicks are my favorite teams.  Yes, I said the 49ers and the Knicks and you know it’s the truth because only a true fan would admit to this.  I played organized football on the high school level at John Bartram High School where I earned my diploma.  I attended Cheyney University where I majored in Accounting and minored in Hotel and Restaurant management.

I was introduced to the Lord at a young age.  I really didn’t understand at that time what it meant to know and love the Lord, therefore church was just my religion.  As I grew older and wiser, I entered into a relationship with the Lord and joined Sharon Baptist Church under the leadership of Bishop Keith Wayne Reed, and have been an active member for the last 16 years.

My restaurant career started as a line cook for Houlihans in King of Prussia, PA.  I quickly moved up and down the line learning everything I could.  I became a shift leader 9 months later.  I continued to work hard there and was asked to accompany my then KM to a new opportunity at Dave and Busters in Philadelphia.  At that moment, I completely embraced the career plan that God had for me.  Within my first year at Dave and Busters, I was promoted to Assistant Kitchen Manager.  I really enjoyed the challenge that came with management.  I learned early that respect does not come with the title.  It is earned and I earned the respect of my team and managers.  I continued to look for more opportunities to grow, and after 7 years, I took an Assistant Kitchen Managers position with Bugaboo Creek Steak House in Franklin Mills Mall.  After a year at this location, I was offered a position at the flagship store in Newark DE.  I was pleased to be a part of the #1 store in the concept.  I was a sponge soaking up all the knowledge from the General Manager and Kitchen Manager.  I was eager to learn and grow and received my opportunity to do so as Kitchen Manager and then General Manager for Bugaboo Creek Steak House.

In 2014, I transitioned into the world of H5H, and during my interview met my cousin, Mark Ford.  I knew he wouldn’t let me down.  I have never been a part of a company where I was able to express my faith openly and proudly, and I appreciate that about H5H.  I trained in Limestone and was a part of that team for one year.  I was then transferred to the Bear team where I became the Kitchen Manager and most recently promoted to Assistant General Manager.  I am so thankful for the opportunity to work grow and add value.  I am constantly in the process of continued learning.  I have learned through my career and life that reaching your goals can be a great bench mark; but how you get there speaks volumes of your character.  Thank you for the opportunity to share my story.

What’s your Story?