Meet Jessica Anne Byrd

Hi, my name is Jessica Byrd and I am a team member from the BWW, Salisbury location.  To share a little about myself, I am the fourth oldest out of nine kids.  Originally, there were only five of us, my sisters Holly, Brittany, and Katlynn, myself, and my little brother Jacob.  We all lived on a farm in a small town in Reliance, Delaware.  We were home schooled until my parents separated, and we moved to Salisbury, Maryland.  Being a single mother, with 5 children, was not easy for my mom.  She only had a 9th grade education, no help financially, no support from anyone, no job skills, and five kids to take care of.  When I was younger, obviously being home schooled, my mom didn’t believe in the public-school system.  Realistically, I didn’t start receiving an education until I was eight-years-old and started attending Salisbury Elementary school.  It was at this time that my mom became pregnant with her sixth child, Abigail.  With myself starting school so late, it made me feel like I was “behind” for my age, but I didn’t let it deter me.  I ended up getting by and graduated in 2011 from Crisfield High School where I also met my high school sweetheart (whom I ended up marrying several years later).  My parents also got back together.  They had my second brother, Joel at this time and then ended up separating again.  My Mom pushed through this struggle of being a single mother again, like she always does, and had two more children -my other little brother, Kaden, and my little sister Layla.  I’m very proud to be a part of a big family and my goal is to one day have one of my own.

When I was sixteen I started serving at a restaurant called Circle Inn.  I was employed there until I moved and became employed with Buffalo Wild Wings several years later after moving to Crisfield.  I definitely want to thank High 5 Hospitality for the opportunity that they have given me.  I feel as though I have a career that I can excel in with lots of potential for the future.  My mom, who is the person I look up to most, taught me to always push through and try my hardest at everything I do.  I believe that this part of me is recognized and appreciated by my managers who have encouraged me to continue working my way up in the restaurant industry.

I have been employed with Buffalo Wild Wings for 4 years now.  Since joining the team, I have received two Stars Performer Awards and was recognized as Team Member of the Year in 2016.  I am also a Shift Leader when needed and always ready to help out wherever and whenever I can.  One of the main reasons I have enjoyed my time with H5H and the Salisbury location is because it’s like a family to me.  When my sister and brother needed a job, they gave them a position; when I’ve had hard times and needed time off, they didn’t make me feel bad about it and were very understanding; and when I come into work I always know there are people here that I can talk to and that care about me as a person and not just an employee.

It should also be noted, that working for H5H has helped me transition from being a small-town server to learning how a restaurant actually operates.  You kind of take everything for granted until you learn some of the behind the scenes procedures etc.  At first, I wasn’t very good at using a computer system or with keeping up with a faster paced restaurant.  It took me a while to get used to it.  Even though some people gave me a hard time, there were managers that defended me and believed in me when I didn’t even believe in myself.  I think it is also important to work hard and to perform at your highest level.  I think good performance is a reflection on a person’s character. I work almost 40-hours a week, never call out, always pick-up shifts when I can, stay late when I’m asked to, and give the best service to guest that I know how to.   I think that on the surface this shows what a hard worker I am and also the appreciation I have for this company.

Thank you for this opportunity, I enjoyed sharing my story.