Meet Mercedes Albarran

My name is Mercedes Albarran, I am from Newark, Delaware.  My parents are originally from Newark, New Jersey and moved here to give me and my siblings a better life.  My goals in life are to give my son everything I did not have as a child.  I plan on going to college next year for business management.  My goal is to start my own business or manage one.

One of the people that I really I look up to is my father.  He came from living in some of the worst neighborhoods & getting in trouble with the law constantly, to settling down with my mother and staying married 27 years, having three children and taking care of his home.  He got into the hospitality field for a company called the Marriott, became a manager, and has been there for over 20 years.  He is one of my BIGGEST inspirations.

I decided to work in the hospitality field after my first job at Kmart 4 years ago.  I wanted to work at hotels like my father but I didn’t because I’m really good at my job at BWW.  I love it here because of how fast paced it is.  I have very high and positive energy every day and I think that’s why hospitality and BWW are perfect for me.  I can be myself and perform at my best here.  It is important for me to perform my best at such a high level because I want to progress in the company.  Any company I’ve ever worked for I wanted to make a name for myself and keep a good reputation.  Thank you High 5 Hospitality and BWW for showing interest in me and giving me this amazing opportunity.

God Bless.