Meet Nina Ciccaglione

Hi all, my name is Nina Ciccaglione-Acevedo (phonetically Chick-a-lone-e to help out).  When I was chosen by my management team to write my story, I was a little nervous.  I’m usually the kind of person who likes to praise the success of others and put myself last.  When it comes to talking about myself in a positive way, it is a difficult task but they simply said to just write my story without overthinking.  But again, that was another challenge.  I ramble a lot and after writing about 5 books about everyone else in my life, I think I finally have it together.


First, I would like to start off with saying that I would not be where I am today without my village, family and God.  I was born in Dover, Delaware and grew up in a little town by the name of Harrington, Delaware.  I am the youngest of 4 older brothers who raised me to be a sassy, spoiled princess with the toughness and determination to make it successfully through.  Like many around me, I’ve faced many struggles in my short 21 years.  Growing up, my brother faced many health problems that resulted in my family having to change our lifestyle and ultimately leading to all of us to grow up prematurely.  I never cared to be up to date with technology or have the latest trend clothes or toys.  At a young age, I only cared about what I could do to help make life better for my family and to have my brother home and healthy.  So, in order to help my brother, we often went without electricity, water, heat and food.  These were sacrifices we were willing to take if it meant I’d have my best friend back home.  My parents worked very hard to keep a roof above our heads and to have it so we could afford only the things we needed.  My village worried about the rest for us, the people my mom surrounded herself by are the reason we are in the successful position we are at today.  Our village would supply us gifts for the holidays, wood for heat, a place to live and often fundraisers for money for our bills.  Now, any chance anybody in my family has the chance, we love to give back to those who are in need because at one time we were that family that suffered and found ourselves with no roof over our head.  My family is my number one and they always will be through any hardships in life.


To fast forward in life, I’m currently a senior at Wesley College here in Dover where I study environmental science.  Once I am done at Wesley, I plan on attending Del Tech to receive my engineering degree for Environmental Science so that my job options are endless here on the East Coast.  I pay for my school on my own and needed a job closer to school, which is why I chose to leave my first job at Rehoboth Beach and that is when I found Buffalo Wild Wings.  I was told they were looking for cashiers, so I applied and a day later was set up for my first interview.  After three interviews, I landed the job as a cashier host.  After I felt comfortable and confident in my position, I asked our GM at the time if I could move into the kitchen and after a few months I was finally placed on the kitchen schedule.  Not many see that as exciting, but the HOH of a restaurant is where everything happens, if we make our food in time and up to spec our valued guests leave even more happy and wanting to come back, and that’s exactly what I wanted to do.  What makes me different from most my age is I realize the importance of our guests.  They are why we are here, to please them and give them the best experience that makes them want to come back for more.  This is when I knew H5H was for me, because they recognize the importance of our guests and truly value them.


I feel like I am just a normal employee here at BWW in Dover, I just come in and do my job to the best of my ability just like my momma taught me.  Somehow, I’ve managed to be awarded the MVTM of the year and earned my new position here as Shift Leader where I hope to continue to learn and grow in our establishment.  I’ve always looked up to my mom and her work ethic and strength and I just hope to continue to move forward to make her proud every day.  It truly is a blessing to have been able to find my home here at Buffalo Wild Wings.

What’s your Story?