Meet Aaron Zapata

My name is Aaron Zapata.  I am 25 and, in my years, I have moved around quite a bit.  I was born in Fort Worth, Texas and moved to Birch Tree, Missouri by the time I was 8.  I graduated from high school and joined the Marines where I was moved to Jacksonville, NC and I stayed in that area for 4 years.  While in the Marines, I was attached to a few different units.  I spent time with the 3/10 unit until it disbanded, and I was moved to the staff NCO academy.  I was able to reach the rank of corporal and I had two Marines that worked under me.  I trained them to interact with our superiors in a tactful manner and how to conduct themselves around the academy.


During my stay in Carolina, I made frequent trips to Delaware to see friends and spend holidays and when it came time to pick a place to move after my service, Delaware became my home.  Since moving to Delaware I have found many ways to pass time.  Be it visiting the beaches available or playing rugby in the BlackFoxes  league.  I have played every summer since moving and it has been a great way stay in shape and spend the summer while traveling up and down the eastern coast.  During the remainder of the year, I spend my time in classes working on my marketing degree and preparing for the fantasy football league I participate in with a few friends.


I was hired to Buffalo Wild Wings in 2016.  I had never worked in the food industry, so I felt nervous, but the serving staff and management made sure I was properly trained and prepared to be successful out on the floor.  I started as a server and was able to work with the company for a few months before suffering an action that broke my ankle.  I required surgery and was unable to walk for months.  However, Buffalo Wild Wings enabled me to continue working by providing me with a stationary position in which I could help the company.  By the end of that summer I was able to gratefully reclaim my server position and I began the training required to be a WCT.


After I had become a WCT, I was allowed to start training the newer employees alongside my peers.  It helped me work on my serving skills by reiterating the training I had received and seeing the new training information that was being provided to the trainees.  Shortly before the following football season, I was given the opportunity to work behind the bar.  It was a mix of new and old responsibilities since I knew the menu and serving aspect of the job.  It took a few weeks to learn the signature cocktails by heart but after making enough Knockout Punches and Buffalo Zoos it was like muscle memory.  Working for BWW and H5H has put me in the position to make a number of returning customers and a few good friends it has never failed to provide a good time or an interesting shift and I continue to look forward to the new LTOs and experiences with the company.

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