Meet Aaron McCauley

Oh, hello I didn’t see you there.  My name is Aaron McCauley and I’m here to speak to you about the joy of painting, I mean, a little bit about myself.  I am part of the back of house staff at The Stone Balloon and have been for around a year and a few months.  I moved up from Boone, North Carolina (no I don’t have a southern accent) to be closer to the ol’ family and look to further my professional and personal growth.  I worked for a company down south called Claremont Restaurant Group since the age of 17 and was a kitchen manager at the age of 20 and was part of a corporate and general manager training program that would train staff at various locations as well as help open new stores.

I was taught at a young age that you have to do what you gotta do before you do what you’d like to do.  I firmly believe that mindset holds water throughout your work day.  Take the extra moment to have fun.  Make people smile and laugh, say please and thank you and, as long as your job is still getting done, it helps on those long shift and weekends as well as the short, slower days to make work feel less like wooooork.

I’m supposed to mention a personal hero or someone I look up to and yeah, sure I’ve got my own heros such as my father, my old GM, or even a professional athlete (who will go unnamed  “GOAT” ). I believe the person you should admire the most is yourself, sure those people had a hand in helping me grow but in the moment, I’m the one who executed the actions and put the knowledge to work.  Keep learning and keep striving to be better.  Every day is an opportunity to be a better person then you were the day before.

I can keep going on and on but you’ve got things to do, I’ve got delicious food to prep, but I would like to finish by saying thank you for listening and the opportunity to grow with this wonderful company.  Look forward to meeting and getting to know everyone, now get out there ya little rascals and have a good rest of your day.

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