Meet Jimmy Gallagher

Hello everyone, my name is Jimmy Gallagher.  For those who don’t know me, I am the General Manager of the Dover Buffalo Wild Wings location.  I was born in Salisbury, MD and have lived in Berlin, MD my entire life.  Berlin is about 10 minutes from Ocean City, where my family and I love to go to the boardwalk, go to the beach and relax.  I have been married to my wonderful wife, Christina for 5 years and we have 3 amazing kids together – Samantha, 13 years old, Coilin, 11 years old and Thomas, 8 years old.

I have worked at many different restaurants throughout my 30 years in the hospitality industry.  My first “official” job (we will come back to this part later) was bussing at Dumsers Dairyland in Ocean City when I was 14.  When I turned 15, I picked up a second job at Dough Roller from the ages 15-17 where I was a busboy and then trained to become a server.  From the first day that I was able to work, I decided I was going to go out and get a job.  My goal was to raise money for my first brand new car.  After 2 summers of working both jobs, I had saved enough money to pay for my brand new 1992 Ford Probe with cash.  Back to the official job part, my parents have always been hard working individuals that I looked and continue to look up to.  My dad is my greatest influence in life and is my hero.  He passed away in May of 2016 from cancer, but was the hardest working person I have ever met.  He was always working and providing for his family and modeled to me what fantastic work ethic was.  So, from a young age, I was eager to start working and making money any way I could.  In elementary school, I would get my mom to buy pencils and erasers and I would take them in and sell them to my friends.  I also started a side landscaping business when I was 10 where I would cut grass around the neighborhood.  I ended up profiting so much with that business that I was able to hire a few of my friends to actually cut the grass and I would ride around on my 4 wheeler collecting money and checking on everyone.  You could say I have always had a leadership mindset, even at a young age.

My goals in life are to take care and provide for my family and spend as much quality time as I can with them while they are young.  Professionally, I strive to be the best that I can possibly be in my field while also developing others to their full potential.  I plan to continue to grow within the H5H family and take my career to the next level.

I started in the hospitality industry at a young age and worked for many different establishments in that time.  After a career in family owned restaurants (Dough Roller & Dumers) and corporate restaurants (Applebees & Famous Daves), I decided to venture out on my own and open my own restaurant.  There were many different factors that led me to close the doors on my own restaurant eventually, but, while it was struggling to remain open I received an email from the H5H HR Director.  I called up my friend and the Training General Manager of Salisbury, Jeff Lookabill, and asked about the company.  We had worked together and become good friends at Famous Daves and I wanted his opinion on joining H5H.  After receiving an amazing recommendation, I decided to give H5H a shot.  I talked with the HR Director and Mark Ford and joined the H5H family as the Assistant General Manager of the Dover Store in November of 2015.  I have loved being a part of the H5H family ever since, and in March of 2017, I became the General Manager of the Dover Store.

Performing at a high level is very important to me because I want to show my kids that they should always strive to be the best in everything that they do.  While I have been a part of the H5H family, I was able to become the BWW Grand Prix winner for our region in 2017 while also becoming the H5H Restaurant of the Year in 2017.  I feel it is important to hold my staff and restaurant accountable for performing at a high level to WOW our guests that visit us, while also developing them into the best that they can be.  Everything that I do effects my staff and I cannot expect my staff to do something that I am unwilling to do.

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