Meet Brittany McCardle

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your morning messages.  Here you go

Good Morning, Everyone.  My name is Brittany McCardle.  I grew up just minutes away from Christiana’s location in Stanton, Delaware.  I am the only child to a single, Irish Catholic mother.  My mom was both mom and dad for me as I have never met my father.  My mom, with the help of her family, gave me everything I could have wanted as a child.  I did not grow up in the best neighborhoods.  I was lucky enough to attended two of the best schools in Delaware at the time, starting at Ursuline Academy from a young age to high school. Partly into Freshman year at Ursuline, I knew the atmosphere wasn’t for me, and I went to finish my education at St Marks High School graduating in 2006.  Shortly after my graduation, I ended up in an extremely toxic relationship which caused my life to spiral out of control and lose sight of everything that mattered to me.  I let a physically and mentally abusive relationship turn me into a person that even I couldn’t recognize in a mirror.  After years of abuse, addiction, legal issues, I was able to rebuild my life and focus on a job that would turn into much more.

In September of 2008, I had an interview at the Ben Franklin Building for a new BWW coming on Limestone Road.  After talking to multiple managers during the interview, I realized that this was the company I was looking for.  It wasn’t the typical restaurant job.  It felt like a home even before they had a building in place.  The energy between the management team was incredible.  I was offered a position on the Hospitality team.   I didn’t know it at the time but this was the start of a new life for me.  I can admit, my first couple years with BWW were rocky, as I was still fighting my own demons.  With the support of BWW Limestone, I found a safe place.

I grew up in BWW, from a cashier – WCT – server – bartender – NRO team – Shift leader – Manager – AGM – GM – TGM.   Reflecting on the last 10 years with H5H, I know the exact moment when I knew that the Hospitality Industry was for me.  I was part of the NRO for Salisbury, but unlike other NRO, after the 3 weeks, I was asked to stay for 2 more weeks to help and be part of the management team.  Those two weeks turned into little over a month, and I knew that I wanted to be a manager for Bdubs.  I was doing what I loved, and it seemed I was pretty good at it.

I was given the chance to be a manager for Bdubs Limestone and I took it as chance to show everyone what I was made of (and prove some people wrong who thought I would never be successful).  I knew that I wanted to be more than the average manager, I wanted to help team members grow and succeed.  I wanted to be #1, the best of the best, the go to person for any information.  I did not want anyone to have a one up on me for any reason.  I had to perform at a high level, being mediocre wasn’t acceptable.   Some of my greatest accomplishments in life came from my career with Bdubs.  I received MVTM of the Year as an hourly employee, Rising Star Award, GM of the brand-new Christiana location, 1st 100% on Ecosure, GM of the Year, and HOH Team of the Year from BWW Corporation.  I know being the General Manager in Christiana is not where my story ends, its just another chapter on my road to success.  I do not know what is next for me; I do know I won’t stop until I reach the top.  My ultimate professional goal is to reach the point where I no longer have to introduce myself.

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