Burn the Boats!

In 1519, there was a man named Hernando Cortez, a Spanish Conqueror, who went in search of and captured a large Aztec treasure.  Before he left on his journey, he gathered the troops he would need and told them the story of how their life would change after they captured the treasure.  The day finally came for Cortes and his troops to sail.  Each day on the voyage he told his troops the same story about the gold and how it would change their life.

When they reached the Yucatan Peninsula, they camped along the shore for a few weeks and each day Cortes told his troops the same story about the treasure.  Finally, the troops were restless and were eager to find the gold.  Cortes knew they were ready.  He assembled the troops and gave them one last order – “Burn the boats”.  The men were perplexed but did as Cortes had said.  Cortes explained to them that by burning the boats they were eliminating any reason they had to fall back to safety – it was either capture the treasure or die.  After the troops burnt the boats, they marched off and captured the treasure.

The MINDSET questions for us are:  What is it in our lives, on our shifts, in our restaurants that are still floating the excuses in our minds?  What’s keeping us from achieving the sales or training the staff?  What is keeping us from getting what we say we want?   What are the boats (excuses) in our hearts and in our minds that we need to burn?

The goal should always be that every day, regardless of the obstacles, regardless of the challenges, regardless of who is running the shift that we will lay out a vision, set a goal, burn the boats and reach our goals.