In our organization we have spent over a year talking about MINDSET. But has our MINDSET changed?

Do we treat each other better?  I was going to say different, however, different isn’t always better but better is always different.  Let’s RISE above the example that is set on social media and in society.  Let’s have face to face conversations about conflict and find a working pathway to making our businesses great.

Do we provide 5 Star Hospitality to our guests? There is a way that we can genuinely engage with each patron, each guest, each fan, each customer and each person, that shows them that we care and that we appreciate them for choosing one of our sports bars or restaurants for their meal today.  We do that with 5 Star Hospitality.  If each and every one of us that wear the logo of our brand would simply remember that hospitality is in our name and we have an obligation to provide the highest level of kindness, appreciation, generosity and old fashioned courtesy every shift, the guest perception would improve and repeat visits would be on the RISE.

Does our food quality, plate presentation, value for the meal, time it takes to prepare the meal or the accuracy of the order when they take it home align with the expectation of the people with the money?  If it doesn’t every single time, we can improve.  It’s time to RISE.

As USAF Brigadier General Vogel shared with us on Monday night, in order to get an aircraft off the ground, in order to get it to RISE into the air, there are four forces working against each other.  “You have lift, you have drag, you have thrust and you have gravity….and in order to get off the ground, you have to have more lift than drag and more thrust than gravity.  So, rising takes work and staying there takes balance.”  Inside of each of our businesses we have that individual that lifts our spirits with their positive attitude and the one who calms us when it’s getting hectic, we have the one that kicks things into another gear when necessary and the one that brings us back down to earth when we start thinking too highly of ourselves.  When we get all four working together in harmony…….we have balance and our ability to RISE improves greatly.

In 2020, we will RISE.  To RISE will demand action.  It’s bigger than MINDSET.  Your head must be right.  Your training must be in place.  You must grow in knowledge and you must share that knowledge with others.  But knowledge is not enough. 

It starts in the heart.  Is your passion to be the best you can be in the role that you’ve been assigned to in the organization?  Are you passionate about Hospitality?  About food quality?  About business?  About safety?  About sanitation?  About developing people?  About mentoring others?  That’s the crux of our business.  That’s what should make our heart start to beat at a faster pace.

But your hands and the hands of others are necessary to help this business RISE.  To position it to thrive.  What we do every single day, every single shift, to set the other person up for success, to make sure the guest is blown away by the service we provide, is the RISE. 

What’s stopping you?

Rise up ~ Rise & Shine ~ Rise & Grind ~ Rise & Conquer ~ Rise to the occasion

John F. Kennedy said, “A rising tide lifts all boats”.  Typically, when a few RISE and position themselves as change agents, a transformation occurs in a business, a community, a church or a nation.  We are dealing with a different generation of team member.  We are dealing with a different style of guest interaction.  There are more opportunities and avenues to complain, criticize and condemn.  But that’s not how positive change is made, or lasting influence is created.

It will require our hearts, our heads and our hands.

  • Relationships matter
  • Be a good teammate
  • Communicate
  • Family is the most important thing in your life
  • It is all about people

“If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far, go together.”