A Statement of Strength

Despite America’s flaws and the ugly chapters in its history, our foundation is based on the truth that all individuals are created in the image of God, which comes with the belief that all people are born with an unalienable right to freedom.

Yesterday was the 244th birthday of the United States of America.  Our founding fathers framed a document that Thomas Jefferson drafted for the Second Continental Congress meeting in Philadelphia who adopted it on July 4, 1776.

We call it the Declaration of Independence.  Among other things it says, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”

What a statement of Strength!

But strength in a nation, a church, a brand, a business, a leader, a family or an individual comes about through action.  We do that by first understanding the truth and values that we want to build upon to be successful.  Then, every day you build on the successes and setbacks from the day before.  Results matter. 

Strength invites others to join for support, leadership and clarity to the mission.  Afterall, there is strength in numbers.

  • Strength is built through action.  It is also built with restraint.
  • Strength is confident.  And it is, at the same time, humble.
  • Strength is ambitious, but simultaneously patient.  
  • Strength is focused, and it is honest.
  • Strength provides a vantage point (perspective) but should never be used to bully.
  • Strength is persistent, continuing forward through the difficult challenges.
  • Strength is flexible, adjusting to a changing environment without compromising its original intent.
  • Strength has no need to be showy or boastful.  True strength is quiet, calm, and intensely effective.
  • Strength is balance and displayed perfectly when we serve others well.  
  • Strength is authentic, responsible, unwavering and relentless.
  • Strength is courageous, sets aside fear and filters out the negative response.
  • Strength unites.

Most of us want to be strong.  We want to work for a strong company or be part of a strong brand.  We want to belong to a strong organization or church.  We want our family to be strong or maybe even be a strong leader.  What we often miss is that, in order to be strong, we need to start with taking action in what we watch, what we listen to, who we surround ourselves with, where we go, how we think, behave and treat others.

The world around us is moving in a trajectory that is not healthy or sustainable.  It is weakening the very fabric of what our nation was founded upon.  We are inundated with negative information from the weather forecast, COVID-19, injustices by law enforcement, to social media platforms that are used by the public (and our politicians) to divide our population into factions that are bent towards destruction rather than healing.  Embarrassing, disturbing and not at all strengthening our nation or it’s rightful place of prominence as the ambassador of freedom in the world. #RISE.

  • A 30% chance of rain is really a 70% chance of sunshine. 
  • There are 2,959,188 cases of COVID-19 in the USA as I’m typing this.  There are 328.2 million people in the USA.  That means 99.1% of Americans and 99.8% of the world population has not contracted this dreadful virus. Wait. What? Yes, you read that correctly.

What would happen if we looked at every situation through the lens of truth and facts or explained our position or circumstance from a STATEMENT of STRENGTH?  Attitude is everything.

We tend to focus on our disadvantages rather than our opportunities.  We all have been at a place of disadvantage at some point.  Starting a new job, the first time we played a video or board game, picked up a new hobby or sport, began a new course in school or decided to learn a new language, etc.  How did we overcome the disadvantage?  Inner strength.  Determination.  Positive thinking.  Striving for excellence.  Grinding.

Our actions as leaders can set the tone necessary to strengthen our businesses and our teams and set a positive example of community to our guest.  We should embrace our values and “Take Responsibility”.  This is our time.  We need to lead.  How do we do that?  Through our actions on a shift by shift and day by day basis. 

Here’s the question that you need to answer…Where do you find your strength?  No, literally, respond to this email…..Where do you find your strength?  OR  Where does your strength come from? 

Throughout the remainder of July, we will begin our day with Statements of Strength.  We will focus on Strength not weakness.  Projecting POSITIVITY not  negativity. Being OPTIMISTIC not pessimistic.  Talking RECOVERY not resurgence. Moving FORWARD not backward.