Procrastinate on Purpose ~ FIVE Questions with Mark Trewartha

Over the past 100 days, a group of leaders in our organization completed a group read project of Rory Vaden’s book “Procrastinate on Purpose”.  After each chapter, an assigned couple of leaders would report back on what they learned and how they could apply it to their job and their life.  Each report was more creative than the next and as the bar rose for reporting, so did the presentation and the “take home” from each section. 

The book is now complete, so I sat down “virtually” with Mark Trewartha to get his take.

What was the biggest “aha” moment for me personally when I read the book?

“My aha moment was the acceptance/need for the Permission of Incomplete.  My entire career I have tried to drive faster, complete more tasks, service others schedules before my own to show value and support.  It is vital I master to know when to embrace the “slow” and not allow others “urgency” to become mine.  My time matters.  (MVOT).

  • Patience is a synonym for Procrastinate on Purpose.
  • Patience is slowing down and gaining perspective.
  • Patience is letting “it” sit a while and focus on something bigger….but when it’s time to GO (Take the Stairs), you go full throttle.

This aha moment also highlighted that fact I was halfway there.  I am a strong proponent of waiting for the last moment.   Example:  Turn in our menu updates to BWW Corp., communicate our decisions (big) to all leaders until the project is 100% ready and in motion.  I embrace the fact:

  • Things simply change by the day.
  • Dates change.
  • Legislation changes.
  • Patience will save you money (holding/ change costs)
  • Things simply change and the Gunslinger in me allows my mindset to be comfortable with the last-minute decisions.

Aha Moment:  Slow down.  I give myself the “Permission of Incomplete”

Have you seen behavioral changes in our leaders since the reading assignment?

“I believe the biggest impact I have witnessed through my conversations with the leaders in our sports bars/restaurants would be the realization of how much education can come from delegation.  (Permission of Imperfect)  

If you do not delegate and educate, your plate will continue to grow/overflow and those around you will not be educated in order to become more productive members of the respected teams.  The Assistant Managers/Shift Leads are not being delegated to the level of optimal MVOT.

Example:  The end period financial review was conducted from start to finish by the Assistant Managers.  Through this delegation, it was abundantly clear, to all parties, that there were many items within this process that needed to be re-educated, re-executed and re-verified for the integrity of our organizational reporting.  This delegation was doing the Assistant Managers a service, not a disservice!  Serve others well.

Further steps were taken to schedule the Assistant Managers to execute all period end reporting in the periods to come to allow the growth of the individuals and ultimately the ability to master the task and to make the General Manager’s focus on the more significant items.”

What have you changed?

“The biggest change is the “action” to evaluate my time. Not analyze, but action.  This inevitably will multiply my time.  I have continuously asked myself if “this is the most significant thing” I should be doing at this precise time.  Action Items:

  • Work Life:
    • When the tasks build up, put them in the focus funnel and focus ONLY on what is significant.  Spend time doing things today that will give me more time tomorrow.
    • Block “open” times for field leaders to schedule with me in the field.  When they “need a minute” there are times pre-scheduled that I/assistant can fill in.
    • Influence hour.  An hour to call/speak/thank those in our organization.
    • (4) time periods a day to check emails.  Take a moment, plan a response and ensure all communication is done with importance AND significance.  Time Matters.
  • Personal Life:
    • Address:  Happiness yields results.  I will be more productive (MVOT) with my new address.
    • Schedule date night with spouse.  I have not allowed my family enough significant time over the past year.
    • Health:  Taken steps to evaluate my current health that I have neglected for years due to ego and the view of being indestructible.”

How do we cascade the “Big Idea’s” of this Book?

“Processes.  That’s simple (in thought but huge in action).  Take the time to focus on the processes that will yield our desired results.

  • Identify what is our order of significance.  
  • Complete that process and measure results.
  • Move onto the next process (After putting them all back in the Organizations focus funnel of course).

We have to identify for this organization to maximize our MVOT, we need to put people in place to perform.  (I am very proud that you are going to get a housekeeper once a month.  Hold yourself to it.  Let’s look at that from a grander scale of this organization and put people in place to grow.  We need a few housekeepers.)”

Will a “Group Read” of a leadership book become a part of the fabric of the H5H Organization?

“The “Group Read” has become part of our evolving plans/efforts to grow the leaders of this organization not only professionally but personally as well in the years to come.  We will be participating in (2) more Group Reads in 2021.

We must ensure the investment made in our leaders is both professional and personal.  We will ensure that the assignments are both significant and impactful to the leaders themselves and those they can influence and inspire on a daily basis.”

President Harry Truman said, “not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers. A lot of us “procrastinate” on reading until our day off or when we are on vacation or for a cold winter day.  My advice: “Don’t”.  Leadership, personal development, biographies, cooking, parenting, religion, history…pick a genre, set a goal for the year and begin to RISE. 

Here are FIVE reasons all leaders are readers:

  1. Reading elevates us above our current situation.
  2. Reading gives leaders the advantage and encourages better decision making.
  3. Reading can build our expertise.
  4. Reading reminds us of important concepts.
  5. Reading allows us to “hang out” with smart people (even if it’s the author)

When should you start?  You already have by reading this!