The Bridge of Commitment

What does it mean to be committed, to show true commitment, to commit? 

Commitment, according to Webster’s dictionary means:  to pledge or engage oneself, to bind or obligate.

So, what does it mean to be committed?  Commitment is more than just saying you will.  Commitment is more than just good intentions.  Commitment is more than just a once-in-a-while process.  It is a continuing, moment-by-moment undertaking.  It is more than trying.  Commitment is more than doing just what is convenient or comfortable.  Commitment is more than just wishing for the right conditions.   When we make a commitment, we commit to the ideal or the concept of something.  Following through on the commitment goes far beyond the ideal and into reality.  Commitment is doing whatever is necessary, for as long as necessary, to get the job done.

Commitment doesn’t bail out at the first sign of trouble.  Commitment stays on course, moving steadily through good times and bad, through the mud and the muck.  Commitment doesn’t make excuses or look for the easy way out.  It finds a way through or over every obstacle.  Commitment doesn’t wait for someone else to take up the slack.  Commitment is making the sacrifices and tradeoffs that are required to uphold it.   Commitment is working with what you have.  Commitment makes things happen whatever the circumstance.

Commitment isn’t stopped when the effort becomes tiring, boring, uncomfortable, unpleasant, tedious, perilous, or unpopular.  Commitment keeps you going long after the novelty has worn off.   Commitment sees whatever the goal is through to completion.  Commitment is an intentional decision.  Commitment keeps on going.  Commitment is serious and it is powerful.  Commitment is not just saying you’ll do it.  Commitment is doing it.  Commitment is not conditional.  To be committed means that you are in it for the long-haul.

Commitment is the bridge between ordinary and extraordinary, between average and excellence and between good and great.

Commitment = Willing to fail, unwilling to quit.

We’ve witnessed the true commitment of our leaders and team members over the past 18 months through the pandemic, through the labor shortage and back into uncertainty.  We know what commitment looks like and what it doesn’t.

Marriage, children, careers, spiritual faith, business relationships, sales goals, profitability objectives — they all inspire commitment, and they all have the potential to deal out very harsh doses of reality.  As we go into fall, and perhaps more government restrictions, as we strive toward the ideal, we must work through the less-than-ideal reality.  It’s gonna take COMMITMENT!

Today, you are committed to something. What is it?

Are you committed to driving sales in your sports bar or restaurant?  Are you committed to hospitality?  Are you committed to hiring the right players for your team?  Are you committed to training?   Are you committed to improving results?

Are you committed to just getting by, to getting off early, to just getting through the day with as little effort as possible?  Are you committed to the team around you or just to yourself?   Are you committed to something greater, to winning the shift, producing positive results, or making the guest experience memorable?   Are you committed to excellence from every team member in the way they look, act, and perform?  Are you committed to the process?

Whatever you’re truly committed to, is exactly what you’ll achieve. Whatever you’re truly committed to, determines the kind of life that you lead, the kind of business you run and the kind of results you will achieve.

Commitment is the act of sincerely putting your heart into what you’re doing.  If you have no interest in being committed, then why would you have any reason to go through the motions?   Taking action without being totally committed to it can be worse than taking no action at all.  Because, when you have any level of resistance to what you’re doing, you’re simply not going to be very effective at it, and the effort will be largely wasted.

If you’re going to do it, commit yourself to it.  Commitment is a decision you can make for yourself, regardless of the circumstances.   Don’t get distracted by what goes on outside the lines, beyond the paint, or start chasing what is bright and shiny.  Commitment is a choice.  Stay committed, stay focused, stay determined to be successful and together, we will…

Bridge the Gap!