Brandy Schafer, Kiasia Smith, Kristen Spencer ~ Why we serve

On Labor Day, let’s hear from a trio of talented young ladies that represent three of our award-winning brands. This trifecta represents just a snapshot of the people serving our guests in all five of our concepts daily. We are extremely proud of what they do every single day.

“The deck is stacked in favor of those who serve others, have good values and work hard. Just as it should be.”

Kiasia Smith, Server– Eggspectation, Christiana DE

Everyone wants to change the world, but nobody wants to start where they are. I serve because this is not a career, this is a calling. Serving is not an event, serving is an identity. Not only to get a blessing but to be a blessing. Serving others has become a hack to happiness and a blessing to my mental health. 

I often get asked, ” Kiasia how do you stay motivated to show up as the best version of yourself daily?” My response is that “I am proudly postured and positioned to pour from a cup that runs over. I serve and check in on myself first with prayer and personal development. In addition to that, authenticity, and confidence in myself has allowed me to have longevity in this industry.

That same energy is then transferred to whomever I connect with on a daily basis. I firmly believe that if you give and serve to someone else or put yourself in the position of God’s hands and feet on earth, he will always supply your hands.  One of my favorite quotes from Mel Robbins states, ” If you are too big to serve then you are too small to lead!”

 – I am a servant leader

 – I am Kiasia Smith

Kristen Spencer, Shift Leader– Jersey Mike’s, Dover DE

I started working at Jersey Mike’s in my high school freshman year and now I am attending college to become a nurse. I love to serve because that is what I want to do in the future. I want to make a difference in someone’s day and that’s what I do working at Jersey Mike’s.  I have multiple customers that come in just to see me, because they love my service and the atmosphere while I am there. The customers love when you remember their order and when you greet them by their name when they come in. It just brings them in the door with a smile. 

I have also met a lot of close friends while working at Jersey Mike’s. We all share a good bond with each other, and we all get along and work together really well. Working at Jersey Mike’s is not for everyone. You must be ready to move, be friendly and be ready to help every customer that comes through that door. It feels great when I can go into work and not actually feel like I am working. It is all about having fun and doing what I love to do, which is to make a difference in someone’s day.  My goal is to have all my customers leave with a smile on their face and a delicious sub above. 

Brandy Schafer, Sous Chef – Stone Balloon, Newark DE

It’s not the money you guys? Just kidding! 

Food has been my entire life, since I was 5 years old, I would sit in the kitchen with my godfather, and we would make up “recipes” and I knew I had to become a cook. The look on someone’s face when they taste my food and almost fall out because it is so good warms my heart every time. The satisfaction you get when you go to a table that has a special dietary need or an allergy and you can accommodate their needs and come back with more people is the absolute best. I get so much pleasure out of being able to make people happy the way they are supposed to with food. Did you ever eat your grandma’s or mom’s cooking and just feel a warm hug around you and that comforting feeling? That’s what I love giving to people. That is what I have been doing professionally for ten years now and for the past year at the Stone Balloon.

To some people serving is about paying the bills or a job that they just happen to do well and then end up not giving the full passion in their work as a whole. For me, I appreciate the feedback that I receive, positive or negative, about my food because then I am able to serve them better the next time they come in & bring their friends. When people bring their friends as well that is also extremely rewarding because then you get to show off what you created and get further feedback to help with your career in the future. Some people need to understand that the more that you take out their fear of what if when I go to serve them and they just are completely unhappy, or if I serve someone my food and they barely touch it to you know what I’m going to just put on a smile and do my absolute best then you won’t have any issue thriving. 

In conclusion, people serve for many reasons whether it is because they have a bill to pay or they just have to be there because they don’t know any other avenue. I serve because it gives me the biggest smile on my face and satisfaction in my heart that I was able to do this well and make them happy to the best of my ability.

Thank you very much. I hope you guys have an amazing day!