Your Highest Potential

Nearly a week ago we gathered for H5H Honors and celebrated teams, individuals, vendors, and guests for their results in 2023.  It was an overwhelming success and should position us to REACH HIGHER in 2024.

We were incredibly honored to have Walter Bond deliver the keynote.  It was like drinking from a firehose.  So, here are my Top 20 nuggets to propel us to reach our highest potential. 

  • “Take care of your good thing.”
  • “Maybe your value system is screwed up.”
  • “Hypocrisy is the highest form of disrespect.”
  • “My parents had two values: Be sweet, baby.” & “Go get it, son.””
  • “To be a great leader, you need to become the kind of leader that YOU want to follow.”
  • “Say the right things and then go do them.”
  • “It’s about coaching.  Coaching people through situations and problems.  It’s that simple.”
  • “If someone is not giving enough, it might be because you’re not giving them enough.”
  • “You get back what you put into others. Take a chance on people and be a good coach.”
  • “Complement first, then correct.”
  • “Preach what you practice.”
  • “It’s usually the coach and not the players that determine success.”
  • “Same team, new coach.” Same team, new coach.”
  • “Don’t look for those that are ready for a job.  Look for hungry people that will develop into their role.”
  • “70,000 thoughts a day.  80% are negative.  We just don’t have to act on them.”
  • “We are in the people business.”
  • There are “C” students everywhere.  Don’t look to hire people who are already “A’s”.  Go get some “C’s” and train them in your business.”
  • “Be an expert on people and if the coach smells funny, get the team a better coach.  They deserve to win.”
  • “High 5 Hospitality is willing to pass out “A’s”.

Okay. Nineteen from Walter Bond and one from me.

“A fast-food manager gave a young man his first job.  Eager to please, the new employee would rush through every task.  Then he would say: “What do I do now?”

After a while the manager let out a deep breath.  He wanted to critique, not criticize.  He said, “Son, come here.  I want to show you the rule of this store.”  Leading the young man into the stockroom, he pointed to the back wall where a large sign said:

When in doubt, sweep.”

Some routine tasks always need to be done.  Beginners wait to be told to do them, but a team member looking to reach their highest potential accomplishes the routine and anticipates what comes next… the high calling of their daily work. 

“If you want to make an impact, find a broom, find a servant’s towel and serve those around you.”

“Always take the High Road or the High 5”

Reach Higher